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For people and the environment

Wilke takes responsibility for the nature, environment and people in the region.
Species conservation

Wilke supports the Wuppertal Zoo and, as "Gold-Netzpatin", the realisation of the Arlandia project, one of the largest free-flight aviaries in Europe. Macaws, flamingos and other birds are to live in a large aviary in which visitors can move around. Furthermore a breeding station is planned there, in which rare parrots are bred. With the Arlandia open-air project, Wuppertal Zoo is making an important contribution to the protection of species and the conservation of endangered bird species.
Learn more about the free flight aviary Arlandia:
Arlandia Brochure

Environmental protection

Heat which is recovered from the production department covers almost the entire heating requirements of the company. The use of ultra-modern machinery reduces electricity consumption. Production waste is recycled or disposed of properly. Since 2013, Wilke only uses green electricity for its production.

Social responsibility

For many years, Wilke has supported local institutions and societies with generous donations. Every year, the recipients are carefully selected and must have shown a sustainable commitment to people in the 'Bergisches Land' region around Wuppertal. 


Donation projects of the last years

  • Gold network sponsor of the Arlandia project, donation to the Wuppertal Zoo 2018
  • Donation to the Initiative für krebskranke Kinder Wuppertal e.V. 2017
  • Schulmittagessen e. V. 2016
  • Kindertal e. V. 2015
  • Wuppertaler Tafel 2014
  • Kinderhospiz Burgholz 2013
  • Kindertal e. V. 2012
  • Zooverein Wuppertal e. V. 2011
  • Lichtblicke e.V. 2010
  • RSC, Rollschuh-Club Cronenberg e. V. 2009


"Gold-Netzpatin" sponsor of the Arlandia project, donation to "Zooverein Wuppertal e. V." in 2018
Donation to "Initiative für krebskranke Kinder Wuppertal e.V." in 2017
Donation to "Schulmittagessen e. V." in 2016
Donation to "Kindertal e. V." in 2015
Donation to "Wuppertaler Tafel e. V." in 2014
Donation to the Children´s Hospice Burgholz in 2013
Donation to "Kindertal e. V." in 2012
Donation to "Zooverein Wuppertal e. V." in 2011
Donation to "Lichtblicke e.V" in 2012
Donation to "RSC Rollschuh-Club Cronenberg e.V." in 2009