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Unique features

Mastery of complexity

ISO 9001

The demands on extrusion dies are continually increasing. On the one hand, profile sections are becoming increasingly complex due to new applications, while on the other hand more stringent requirements for productivity and quality have to be met.
As a development partner and specialist for complex tools, Wilke assists sophisticated customer projects right from the start and gives its customers the confidence that all of their specifications will be fulfilled.
As early as the pre-design stage, our sales and design technicians support customers with improvement suggestions which are crucial for success. Wilke supports its customers' projects from the initial feasibility study to the running in of the tools. This means greater security for customers and the best possible quality of the results.

Almost total reproducibility
Fully automatic production methods ensure almost total reproducibility of the results. With Wilke extrusion dies, aluminium companies can achieve a continuously high level of quality in their production.

Securing innovation
Working in close cooperation with well-known university institutes such as the Dortmund University Institute for Forming Technology and Lightweight Construction ensures a rapid transfer of know-how from scientific research into industrial practice.
Wilke is certified according to ISO 9001:2015.